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Our team


Julien durand

Julien has lived with dogs for more than 5 years. He will pass on his passion to you by making you discover the wonders hidden in the boreal forest.


Cathie  Duval

Owner of the business in collaboration with her soul mate Christian, animal health technician and native American, Cathie is always happy to share her love for her culture and her dogs.

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Christian Duchesne

With 40 years of work, he has acquired several fascinating knowledge that he transmits in an expressive way. He is Cathie's companion and the owner of Alaskan du Nord. He enjoys the company of dogs as much as yours. 


Samuel Duchesne

Born in the world of mushing and therefore not in his first year in the company, Samuel has a nickname and a funny anecdote for each dog. Whether in English or French, he will be happy to introduce you to the kennel.

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