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The Alaskan Husky

In our kennel, we house about fifty dogs, all of the Alaskan breed. Here you can discover some of our doggies. Our dogs will welcome you as warmly as we do and they will be very happy to be petted! 

What is the Alaskan Husky breed?

The Alaskan Husky belongs to the world's largest sled dog population. With him, the notion of race disappears somewhat. This name, "alaskan", is reserved for Nordic type dogs, originally living in Alaska. They were selected for their speed, power, endurance, rapid recovery and resistance to weather conditions.  


Some of our dogs 


We nickname her Miquette. Newly retired, she became the mascot of Alaskan du Nord. 


Lead dog from the Yukon, she is a go-getter and an excellent leader. However, she is a little shy.

Tanana & King

These two sisters, a duo of hell!

These are the girls from Manitoba, our retiree. They complement each other wonderfully to lead Julien's team. 

Happy & Cali

These twins,  nicknamed gazelles, are real teddy bears. Hardworking, strong and kind, these are the two tractors in Christian's team.

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